TIVOLI International Inc.

For your better understandings of Tivoli,
Here is a short interview with Ms.Sakamoto,Manager.
From TIVOLI International Inc. the specialized company of Tivoli GP.

Q: What is the main job of TIVOLI International?

Ms sakamoto
(Ms Sakamoto)
What is the main job of TIVOLI International?
Our job is mainly to proceed following 2 jobs by our best effort:
  1. Finding and importing the best quality of ingredients/ materialsfor our high-grade confections.
  2. Promoting and Exporting our world’s best quality confectionery internationally.Since TIVOLI International is the Tivoli’s sole trading company,we work feeling.

Q: Then, how about exporting, to which countries?


North American & European and Arabic countires of course. These days, Asian countries such as China, Taiwan and Singapore have great leaps of shares in our exports. As I mentioned, we do not do business for only some specific countries but we do globally to tens of countries / regions everyday. Moreover,Cookie Box “AKAI BOHSHI” is quite popular among Taiwanese & Chinese. Especially, it’s used for wedding gifts and gifts for some celebrations.

Any message for viewers, all Tivoli fans & positive Tivoli’s potential customers?

Yes! Tivoli offers perfectly unique confectionery.
Once you taste it, even if it is one bite, you definitely fall in love with it! That’s our magic, Tivoli sweets!

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