The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a global initiative adopted by the United Nations to achieve 17 goals to create a prosperous and vibrant future by the year 2030.

The TIVOLI Group, under its corporate motto "Creating Happiness for All through Delicious Sweets," is committed to the SDGs as a member of the international community.
, the TIVOLI Group, as a member of the international community, is united in its efforts to achieve these goals.

TIVOLI Holdings Inc. is registered as a "Kanagawa SDGs Partner" under the auspices of Kanagawa Prefecture.

Kanagawa SDGs Partners

Commitment to the SDGs

Example 1 Raw materials

Image of raw materials
  • Fairtrade-certified ingredients: We actively use Fairtrade-certified ingredients in our TIVOLI sweets.
  • Environmental Trays: 51% or more materials that decompose in the natural environment.
  • Proactive use of recyclable candy canes
  • Packages with water-based ink

Case Study 2: Community Contribution

Community Contribution Image
  • Sanchi (area of production) principle The TIVOLI Yugawara Sweets Factory is making sweets under the theme of "Sanchi (Place of Origin) Principle," which means "giving back to the local community by processing and selling local products in the local area.
    the image of Japan as a mountainous region
  • Functions as a shelter and food storage warehouse in the event of a disaster The TIVOLI Holdings head office building is designed to function as a shelter for local residents in the event of an earthquake, tsunami, or other disaster, and is equipped with a large power generator and other equipment. In addition, from the viewpoint of securing food supplies, we maintain a certain amount of stockpiles and assume the release of snacks at any time. Once a year, an evacuation drill is held with local residents to prepare for a disaster.
    The shelter
  • Car sharing of electric vehicles "eemo "*. TIVOLI Holdings is promoting the "eemo" electric vehicle car sharing program as an initiative with the town of Yugawara. It is also envisioned that the eemo vehicles will be used as emergency power sources in the event of power outages or disasters.

    ▶How to use car sharing


    *What is eemo? eemo is a service that aims to create a sustainable transportation system in the western part of the prefecture, centered on Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture. It is intended to reduce CO2 emissions, expand the introduction of renewable energy and promote local production for local consumption, and strengthen resilience against disasters.
    ▶eemo website


Sponsorship of food education projects

TIVOLI Holdings sponsors a portion of the proceeds from this product to "Food Consciousness," a food education project between Gakushuin Women's College and the Italian Center for Taste Education, an educational institution in Italy with which we have close ties as the company name.

Food Consciousness Project

 The "Food Consciousness" project is an industry-government-academia collaboration that aims to spread the concept of "food consciousness.

Food Consciousness Overview
Overall image of "Food Consciousness from Everywhere in Society"

Support for Disaster-Affected Areas

TIVOLI Holdings is actively providing food aid in the form of confectioneries through local governments, both in Japan and abroad, to help those affected by earthquakes, heavy rain, and other disasters, even if only in a small way.

Support for local sports teams

The TIVOLI Group supports local sports teams (Kanagawa and Yamanashi).

  • Van Foret Kofu

    Van Foret Kofu
  • Shonan Bellmare Futsal Club

    Shonan Bellmare Futsal Club


International exchange for "contact with different cultures and the development of confectionery techniques

Tivoli Fountain Photo
Origin of the TIVOLI logo mark "Tivoli Fountain."

We are actively engaged in international exchange with the city of Tivoli, Italy, from which our company name is derived, as well as Munich, Germany, and Brussels, Belgium, with which we have long had close ties in the confectionery industry.

Yugawara Town, Kanagawa Prefecture, where TIVOLI Holdings is located, is a sister city of
Tivoli City.