Company Motto, Company Motto, Company Song

The company creed, company motto, and company song are
the most important values of the TIVOLI Group in conducting its management activities, and are the guiding principles for all activities.
They are to be respected as norms for decision-making, including the formulation of management strategies and plans, and as spiritual pillars for all employees.

company policy

We create happiness for everyone with our delicious sweets."

corporate philosophy

People's lives start with healthy and tasty food
How can we make food that tastes better?
How can we make people eat better?
To devote all our energies to this noble goal
This is our purpose in life and our mission.

company song

Upper part of the fountain

TIVOLI company song "The Fountain of Happiness

Lyrics and composition:
TIVOLI Company Song Production Committee
Yukino/Ohi Yoshiyuki

Your favorite flavor, your favorite color, your favorite aroma.
We've packed it all in, with the utmost sincerity.
The magic candy that overflows with your happiness.
Please enjoy our magic sweets.
TIVOLI, a dazzling fountain of happiness
Delicious little dots, spreading to the endless sky

I bring you the joy of eating sweets
Under the sky, under the sky, on a street corner I don't know yet
My happiness, my overflowing smile
Come on, eat up.
TIVOLI, a dazzling fountain of happiness
Everyone's tears will shine forever

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