Founder Izumi Higuchi and the Origin of the Company Motto and Motto

The Beginning of Chibori : Founder Izumi Higuchi and the Origin of the Company Motto and Company Motto

Company motto:
"We create happiness for everyone with our delicious sweets."

The word "Minna" in the company motto represents everyone in the three major directions.

  • Employees and their families
  • Customers who buy and eat
  • Business partners, local residents, and all those who have helped us

Born: The Beginning of TIVOLI

Eleven-year-old Izumi pictured with her sister-in-law after the death of her parents.

Izumi Higuchi was born in 1914 in Tamahata Village (formerly Tamagawa Village), Yamanashi Prefecture, to father Shigetaro and mother Sei, who served as village mayor. His grandfather, Noriyoshi Sukezaemon, who replaced his busy father and strongly trained the young Izumi to become the man who later founded the company, was a local samurai who was called "Goronin-san of Tamagawa" and served as the feudal lord of the village at the end of the Edo period.

Izumi was initially raised in such an old family, but soon after, both his grandfather and parents passed away. The family also fell into ruin due to a small farmer's dispute (1925) in the same village. He spent his childhood in his grandmother's family.

Grandmother's house in Tamagawa where she spent her childhood
*currently exists as Houtou Kosaku Tamagawa
Father, Shigetaro

The reason for founding the company - A vow from a young child's heart

Farewell to family. Especially in the midst of grief over the loss of her beloved mother, Izumi met the daughters of the village, Kayo and Ohana, at that time. Childhood friends who played together every day. One day, however, they went out to serve and did not return to the village.

As Izumi weeps on the stone steps of the temple where they used to play together, she suddenly remembers how they used to look at the sweets offered to them and say, "Someday, I want to eat all the delicious sweets I can stomach! She recalls how they had talked about how they would like to eat a full meal of delicious sweets someday. And when she grows up, she vows to " create an era when everyone in the world, rich or not, can eat a full meal of delicious sweets " in her childhood.

The temple in Tamagawa where Izumi played with the daughters of the village (Zuiryouji Temple) In front of her parents' graves

From Izumi Seika to the present day TIVOLI
~From the foundation and listing to Yugawara

After studying several businesses, Izumi, nicknamed "Sendon," established Izumi Confectionery, the predecessor of our company, in Kofu City in 1946. The company was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange with its flourishing "Winner" brand of caramels and ice cream, but due to its business background at the time, the company was later merged into Kanebo Harris.

Izumi as a young "Sendon" (second from left in back row)
New Year's Day at Izumi Seika's Kofu Plant

However, many of the employees wanted to continue the business and remain under Izumi's management, so Izumi decided to make the affiliated company in the area the new base of operations and moved those who wished to remain there from the head office (Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku) and other locations to Yugawara-cho. The company name was changed to "TIVOLI" and the year 1968 marked the beginning of the present "TIVOLI Holdings" in this area.

Izumi's birthplace
~From family motto "Four Peoples Equal" and employee morality to company policy

Before the Taisho and Meiji periods, the birth family that nurtured Izumi was very flowery, but at the same time refrained from being flamboyant. The reason for this was the family's pride in having produced in a neighboring village as an outward relative of Daini Yamagata, a Confucian scholar of the mid-Edo period who later became a major influence on Yoshida Shoin and other Meiji Restoration aspirants. Everyone in the family was very familiar with the story of "Daini-san.

Yamagata Shrine (Shinohara, Kai City)
statue of Daini Yamagata

His teachings of respect for people, which he advocated as " equality among the four social classes," or "status is not a class but a division of roles in the workplace," were deeply inherited by Izumi as the family precepts of his birth family and were the basis of employee morals at the time of the founding of the company.
Izumi vowed to "create an era when everyone in the world, rich and not-so-rich alike, can enjoy a full meal of delicious sweets. This philosophy, combined with Izumi's childhood vow to "create an era in which everyone in the world can enjoy delicious sweets to their heart' s content," has been passed down through the generations as the background of our company's corporate motto.

Company Motto We create happiness for everyone with our delicious confections.

Finally, ...... All of our employees will continue to be committed to our founding principles for generations to come.

Finally, ......
Izumi loved his hometown Tamagawa (now Tamagawa, Kai City) very much. Before his death, Izumi left his love for his hometown in the form of "Tamagawa Garden" on our company's premises.

Tamagawa Garden (on the premises of the Yamanashi Branch Office)

In 2016, the 70th anniversary of the company's founding, TIVOLI cherishes these thoughts of its founder and has a new logo mark "TIVOLI Chibon", one of the group's symbolic brands, named by Izumi as "TIVOLI starting in the Kofu Basin (Bonchi)".

portrait of a mother
Scenery of Tamagawa with a view of Mt.

Fuji," the hometown of our founding, and "kind mother" to unite "Izumi and hometown" as one, The TIVOLI Group's founding principles have been passed down from one generation to the next by all employees.

Company Motto -From the Founder's Instruction