Chibori Sweets Factory, Inc.
Announces first store opening in Yamanashi Prefecture

(Head Office: Yugawara-machi, Kanagawa Prefecture; President: Hiroyuki Torii) is pleased to announce that it will open its first store in Yamanashi Prefecture.

(Head office: Showa-machi, Nakakoma-gun, Yamanashi, Representative Director: Tsune Tsumaruzawa) for the opening of a new store in the "Regional Exchange Area" within the Minami-Alps IC New Industry Hub, which is currently under development for opening in the summer of 2024.
The new store will be equipped with Japan's first imported nut roasting machine and plans to roast nuts and produce gianduja, a confectionery ingredient.
We hope you will enjoy our exquisite sweets that make the most of the confectionery technology we have cultivated so far.
For more details, please refer to the press release of Hikare Yamanashi Co.

Chibori Sweets Factory Co., Ltd. announces first store opening in Yamanashi Prefecture